Yamaha Byson e.v


You probably won’t believe your eyes…… electric Yamaha’s Byson…. what would you say?

Dear brothers, with motorcycle production always getting increased each year and readily ‘consumed’ by the bikers, we are facing the critical concern of running out of fossil fuel, used up entirely in the unknown future. because as you have known since your elementary schools, it is unrenewable energy. being aware of this fact, in the near future, one alternative possibly happening – as the youth always coin it – is electric energy. vehicles are no exception because so many variants have been manufactured even with full option of being electrified. Surprisingly, it is not unusual motorcyle being electrified with weird design, it is very familiar one instead, the bike that always draws our attention to conclude its beauty, it is Yamaha’s FZ16, or Yamaha’s Byson as we all are familiarized with, turned into electric vehicle made possible by one of indian’s college teams named Tim Tork, becoming most environmentally friendly Byson in the world, electrified FZ, electric ‘Bull’ check it out

It seems that, according to Powerdrif, its entire original engine was removed, leaving only its electricity system, chassis, suspension, and the body. Afterwards Tim Tork installed a brand new engine which remains unknown of its form. However, fyi, it will deliver presumably power twice than that of regular FZ16/ Byson . . . 40 bhp broootheeerrssss . . . Ninja 250/CBR 250/R25 will probably get passed easily regarding the powerr

Unfortunately, one concern raised is it has fixed gear that makes Top Speed can be reached only up to 120 km/hour. The battery it has requires 4 hours to fully get charged that will be used up after 80 km commuting for daily usage and 40 km in sport mode. the battery and electric motor were put in where crankcase and cylinder originally were, with its weight getting set to maximize its Centre of Grafity, thus more stable when riding
It is not only stable, as you may know how the Byson performs? But dont even think about to race with this Byson that 0-100 km/hour will be covered within only 8,7 seconds. . . moreover, it is also soundless, yes, soundless but fast, you can feel it, not see it !! . . . hopefully it inspires Indonesian youths to innovate the similar or even further.

Taufik of BuitenZorg

Motor: 40bhp peak motor capacity
Controller: 80kw controller on board.
120kmph Top speed. (With a fixed gear ratio)
Battery Capacity: 4Kwh
Peak Torque: 60Nm
80km on a charge city mode (India)
40Km on sports riding
4 hours for complete charge
Weight around: 150kg
0-100kmph: 8.7 seconds
Developed as a engine replacement for the FZ16
The motor mount acts the stressed member with the frame
Complete bolt on design without any welding on the existing frame

source : teambhp

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